Amor the dog gratefully and valiantly saved a young fawn from the water.

Amor, Manuel’s dog who lived in Virginia, had vanished. Every possible region was being searched for him. He suddenly appeared in the center of a lake. Nobody knew how the young fawn got into the water. Amor, the brave canine, was well-known to his owner as kind and compassionate.

He loved everyone, even animals, and is now also a hero. The deer was being led by Amor to the water’s edge. To aid the animals, Manuel scaled the cliff’s edge. The man took the fawn out of the river and set it on the grass.

The fawn’s mother soon arrived. Manuel left the woman and child behind so that he could go get his dog.

While he was still standing some distance away from them, Manuel noticed that the mother deer and her youngster had said goodbye and went. The deer rapidly rubbed noses with the dog as it pushed forward. That scenario was quite moving. The fawn wanted to go back and meet his idol. Manuel returned with his dog in tow.

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