A 16-year-old cat from a shelter has finally located the people he has been looking for his entire life.

He was about 16 years old when he was transported to one of the American shelters. Sometimes, even domestic cats don’t live to this age. Another quality that distinguished the cat was its extreme friendliness. He made an effort to get to know everyone at the shelter. The employees at the shelter agonized for a very long time about what to do with Barni, an old guy. Finally, it was proposed to find the cat a new home and owner.

Edward and Cleo Sheeran, who are wed. The veterinarian Edward thought it was improbable that Barni would have loving parents.  However, the family pair were drawn to the cat’s tail and pictures and chose to help him.

The cat also often interacted with patients while working at the clinic and was showered with love and attention (after all, he loved everything so much, as we remember).

Barni could live out the rest of his days in peace, knowing that he was loved and needed, and without having to worry about anything, the couple said, so they decided to provide him a wonderful life.

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