A 19-year-old cat that was left at a shelter by its former owners is adopted by a 102-year-old woman.

As told by animal rights proponents, this story will move you. Guvo was sent to a South Carolina animal shelter when he was 19 years old for what his owners officially said were “unforeseen circumstances,” but in reality, it was because the pet was becoming older and no longer as engaging and lively as he once was.

The doctor at the shelter examined Kitty and declared her to be in “great health”. It was quite an accomplishment for a cat that will soon reach 19 years old. Guvo proved to be an actual charmer.

The shelter’s director unanticipatedly received a call from people seeking for a house cat to be the best friend for their elderly grandmother. They specifically inquired as to whether an elder cat matching their mother’s advanced age was up for adoption.

The cat and Annie, the family’s 102-year-old grandma, have been dating ever since they first fell in love. Guvo is thriving in his brand-new home.

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