After becoming friends, a dog chooses to assist a cat in caring for her babies.

A household received a pregnant tabby cat that had been delivered by volunteers. She was fairly sociable and self-assured when she was around two years old, and she quickly felt at ease.

She becomes friends with the neighborhood dogs and cats, particularly Konna, a dog that is fascinated by cats and loves to take care of kittens. Ficky, a striped cat, approached Konna and licked her face. Six lovely, healthy kittens were born to Ficky a few weeks later.

Every waking hour she gave her kids her whole attention. The remarkable dog, Konna, heard the little children leaving the waiting room. Konna found her forever home with Assa, and ever then, she has been caring for the extra animals they have taken in. Since he first learned about the kittens, the adorable dog has eagerly anticipated their arrival.

Konna was so anxious to be with the kittens that she would do everything to be with them. She rears them, cares for them, and aids in their socialization.

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