Manga, a sweet dog, still has a thing for the green dragon she had when she was a puppy.

Melania Hawke acquired a dog in June 2018. The dog’s future owner bought a soft toy online in the shape of a green dragon that resembled the lead character in the science fiction movie.

Everyone is moved by the touching story of the youngster who accidentally came upon a real dragon in the woods. The creature acquired a new friend. He immediately got devoted to him and refused to say goodbye even as she grew into a massive adult canine.

Melania claims to have a very independent, vivacious, and active pet. She frequently travels with the dog as she explores the highlands. She enjoys lengthy strolls and usually attempts to join in on her owner’s activities.

But Manga transforms back into a little puppy once she is near her dragon. From the time she was born till the present, Melania photographed a cat and her toy to capture this unique bond. When she is there, nothing remains the same as it did before. They are so closely knit together.

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