Mom is proud of her two amazing pets, an inseparable dog and cat. Adore it

An adorable cat named Moses and a funny dog named Collie Molly get along nicely. They have been together ever since they first met when they were both still newborns. How they originally met and how they became inseparable were told to the public by their mother.

Moses was found by a compassionate family who owned a farm and periodically noticed a strange noise coming from their neighbor’s barn. A little, 3-week-old kitten was there when one of their dogs ran over to inspect. Due to her lack of protection, the newborn needed assistance.

The family immediately took her home and gave her everything she required. While the owners went into the city to get the cat some food, Moses was left alone with their dogs. Surprisingly, they hit it off immediately away, and they are now unable to stay apart.

She is very close to Collie Molly, whom she loves more than anything else. Even cats participate in very dog-like behaviors. That’s hilarious.

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