Once they become friends, the cat and the chipmunk can’t stop cuddling one another.

This chipmunk understands how difficult it is to resist the seduction of hairy. The courageous little animal bravely approached the cat in the garden of Reddit user GoIdguy. GoIdguy posted many pictures with the description, “My cat became friends with a small animal.”

The chipmunk became less apprehensive and approached after the cat laid down to demonstrate his lack of animosity. The chipmunk made a lovely new companion as it quickly climbed the cat’s back and happily burrowed itself in the fur. The bold little thing proceeded to approach the kitty cat in the backyard after spotting it.

He immediately understood that the cat was approachable and friendly as well. The chipmunk approached the cat after noticing that she was just as eager to get to know him.

Before making the audacious leap onto the cat’s back and happily engulfing himself in the fur. So was born a wonderful friendship.

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