The cutest two-legged cat ever engages in strange play and dozes off.

The Pali cat has several traits with other felines. She enjoys playing, eating, and using the restroom. Like most cats, she spends the majority of the day sleeping.

Pali, however, is distinct. She was born without her front two legs. Thank god Milo found the cat by chance and took her inside. Milo was first unsure of how to care for the cat because he had never had a cat with special needs before.

The girl was inspired by Milo’s story when he learned about Mercury, a separate two-legged cat with a history of Internet celebrity. Pali flourished under expert hands and swiftly reached adulthood.

The cat picked up using its two hind legs for balance quite fast. Pali started to play her own game as well. Pali stretches to her tallest point and curls into a C shape when she becomes tired.

Milo claims that he doesn’t even believe she is aware of her exceptional abilities. She is incredibly resilient, and whether I’m gone from home or at work, I really miss her. She always makes me feel welcome when I go to her.

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