This young cow, saved from being put up for auction, now resides with 12 dogs and thinks she is one of them.

The little cow known as Moola resided with a rescue group. Since the 12 dogs on the farm are her closest buddies, Moola is a unique breed of cow. At an animal auction, Moola was purchased and taken to the farm. She was a little calf that was much smaller than other calves. It is also uncommon to locate these cows at auctions. The friend purchased the little cow and delivered it to the refuge.

Moola is kept inside the home rather than outside with other cows since she is still so young and dependent on milk. Moola initially encountered the dogs within the home, which had also been saved in a different situation and brought to this farm.

Surprisingly, the cow showed the most interest in Spackle, a white bull terrier.

She enjoys spending time with kids and gets along well with Moola right away. After six weeks of living with them, Moola started to believe that she was one of the dogs.

She has, however, recently been taken outside for a brief length of time on sunny days and exposed to another rescued calf. Wolf believes Moola will now realize she is still a cow.

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