A stray cat approached a young guy and begged him to take it in.

According to several adoption stories, animals frequently choose their owners and decide they want to live with them specifically. By focusing on these traits, animals may determine whether or not they can be friends with a human by determining whether or not they are nice and upbeat.

This young man is already exuding a burst of fervent enthusiasm. Lucy chose him, a cat from a shelter. As soon as he arrived at the shelter, she noticed him. She didn’t look away from the man as she continued to stare at him.

Lucy began to display all of her charms and was exceedingly affectionate when the man took the cat in his arms and appeared to recognize that the cat was paying close attention to him.

The young man noticed that she was resting fairly solidly in his arms and knew they were in love right away. Now a happy and healthy cat, she is relishing her new life with her devoted owner, whom she picked herself after he rushed her to the doctor.

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