Introducing the stunning and rare German “Black Woods” horses.

The Black Woods horses’ magnificent golden mane contrasts well with their chestnut coats. This breed of horse has a long and illustrious history that began in southwest Germany.

They are currently in jeopardy of being extinct, though. In just one year, the collection included 1,002 mares and 81 stallions. Nevertheless, we hope that careful breeding will soon result in population growth. The preservation of this kind of horse has occupied the lives of many individuals. They are robust and independent even though they are smaller than our ordinary horses.

Despite their physical strength, they are nonetheless quite compassionate and patient. Their normal development is between 15.4 and 17 hands. Black Woods horses are a wonderful choice for folks who are new to equestrian riding.

Newcomers to the field profit from their willingness to help. They are generally used for riding, however, carriage rides are possible.

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