Just before falling asleep, the youngster slips into the room to snuggle his breastfeeding dog.

A photo of a little youngster performing kind actions has become popular online. Sometimes, the relationships that form between young children and their pets last a lifetime. Since dogs are members of the family, owning one is like getting a new sibling or relative.

But it appears that a little girl takes on the role of “big sis” or “mom” to her dog even after the dog has her litter of puppies! A little girl is seen visiting the dog’s room in a video, where the mother dog is shown nursing her puppies snuggled up in bed.

Before racing back to the door, the child climbs over the bed, pets the dog, and hugs it. In the dark room, the little girl seems to be hugging the animal goodbye. How fantastic! Viewers were enthralled by the little girl’s antics, and the images spread like wildfire.

The photo has received hundreds of comments, and thousands of others have viewed it. The child acts in this manner while she is unaware that she is being watched, so keep that in mind. She’s going to make the world a better place.

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