A calf that was spared in bad condition became pals with a kind Australian Shepherd.

Jake and Elie, a stunning couple, decided to adopt a calf. Even though the calf received frequent medical attention, the worried couple didn’t have high hopes for its survival. Cloudy, the wonderful family dog, was at Moo’s side constantly, comforting and caring for him in his particular manner.

The powerful newborn cow eventually got well, thank goodness. Soon after meeting Moo, Cloudy struck up a friendship with him. This dog was offering cuddles, kisses, and tongue washes to his new friend.

Since he was so concerned about his buddy, he was ready to take whatever necessary steps to ensure his friend’s recovery. And because of Cloudy, the left calf quickly made a full recovery.

He is thrilled to play with the enormous, healthy calf that his guardian angel truly spared.

They continued to be great friends for life. They spent their time chasing each other around the yard like babies, which was really funny. They were able to communicate and express their love for one another despite being of different species.

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