A stray dog attempted to steal his preferred toy from a store five times. Consequently, he was given a toy.

A stray dog at a nearby departmental shelter prompted employees of an American North Carolina business to file a complaint with animal services in the spring. He supposedly goes into the store regularly and tries to take a purple unicorn.

Before an officer arrived to take the dog to the shelter, she had initially bought him this toy. She recognized that this was the most unusual challenge she had ever faced in her profession.

A Facebook post about the occasion quickly attracted a lot of attention. Silu is the name of the dog. He’s been at the shelter for a year, and according to the staff, he gets along well with people and is calm.

The Sislu post was liked and shared by over 10,000 people. Due to strong demand, he was given a photo shoot with the same unicorn the following day. There were lines of people eager to adopt him. They chose a single woman in the end, and the dog was placed in a home.

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