A woman who dedicated her life to preserving sloths built a charming little refuge for them.

David was established in 2014 to protect young sloths and give them a chance at survival. David is an advocate for animal protection. This facility houses young sloths who have been abandoned by their mothers and teaches them the basics of living. To survive in the wild, young sloths must learn the skills taught at this school. She alluded to the “passive approach,” a unique technique created by David Trull.

The personnel of the shelter constructed a sizable area to carry out this strategy. This approach entails opening the cage doors at a particular time, allowing the animals to roam freely until they are fully independent.

She claims that she has learned a lot from the young sloths even though David is the one giving them life lessons.

David’s work is most difficult when he releases trained sloths back into the wild. Therefore, the Institute simultaneously researches and instructs sloths. Unfortunately, the facility cannot save every newborn sloth. David claims that she has an unshakable bond with sloths and that she learned how to love from them.

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