The kids are driven to school by the devoted cat every day, and she even makes an attempt to accompany them inside.

Anita, the mother of two children who own Lucy, adopted the cat two years ago. The cat quickly became friendly with the family and developed a particular bond with the boy and daughter. The kids spent a lot of time at home. She walked the kids and went everywhere with them.

Anita went to school each day for the free lunches even though the kids were homeschooled. Lucy stayed with the kids wherever they went, even after they started going to school full-time again.

Lucy decided to enroll in school one day. She entered the building incognito, trailing the students, but was shortly discovered. Anita was astonished by the cat’s brazenness and apologized to the teacher again. Anita hurried to the school as Lucy stood at the main doors, making an effort to enter as if she were waiting for the perfect time.

However, the cat pretended nothing had occurred when she saw Anita. Only by luring the cat inside with food were they able to do so.

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