This cat went on a walk and came back bearing a letter.

This adorable gray fluffy is trickier than it appears. He keeps his secrets to himself. Because of this, he frequently runs away from his owners to go on adventures, but he won’t tell you about them. Despite this, something about his clandestine activities was discovered, and it happened suddenly.

Recently, this Thai cat’s owners reported him missing for three days. When he finally decided to return, he knew no one would be able to anticipate what he was planning. But this time, he was mistaken. A letter describing the cat’s behavior was handed to him.

Naturally, you are curious about what was there. He was able to access the fish passage because of the merchant he had been friends with there. The cat licked his lips and glanced at the three fish that were presented to him simultaneously.

But contrary to popular belief, it wasn’t dull. The seller of the message included his contact information so that the cat might be paid back.

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