An inquisitive dog poses as a police dog and starts inspecting his tiny puppy sibling.

Rockey, a German shepherd, lived in America with his owners. He was a great two-year-old puppy who treated his animal friends with a lot of consideration and kindness. Her owners had recently adopted a new puppy named Miya.

Rockey had previously been utterly enthralled by Miya every time he got the opportunity to see her. Their mother had introduced the dog to the huge dog very gradually.

Rockey spotted the dog and sprang up onto the couch to give it a good sniff. He seems happy to have a new acquaintance. Rockey needed to be well-versed in every facet of the little dog. He kept sniffing Miya in this manner.

Rockey, though, simply couldn’t stop sniffing. He was entranced by the little white doggie. The dog quickly accepted Rockey’s activities. After some time, Miya approached him and sat down. Rockey kept watching the puppy, and they soon became close. Miya was having fun and attempted to play with Rockey with her front paws. Rockey, who was incredibly persistent and sympathetic to Miya, permitted her to play.

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