From the office window, two fluffy tiny beings peered in with sad eyes.

From the window, two adorable fluffy cats were observing the office workers. They both clung to one another with affection. One of the workers remembered seeing them a few days earlier at a local park. The mother and just two of the original six kittens are still alive.

As soon as a person approached, they escaped. They returned after they smelled the sausage that one of the employees had left there. They nonetheless ate dinner right away. The office staff decided to phone the shelter. They were an attached brother and sister who wouldn’t let go of one another. They interacted, laughed, ate, slept, and held each other.

Massa and Chamma were their names. The kittens quickly created a safe refuge. They gained confidence and cat-like curiosity there, which inspired them to become more curious about their surroundings.

Their time there allowed them to develop their social skills and establish friends. Volunteers are looking for owners who are willing to adopt the brother and sister up others to avoid them from being split up.

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