A resident of Yekaterinburg purchased a leopard from the zoo and keeps it as a pet.

A 31-year-old Yekaterinburg native named Alex Stepanov attained extraordinary recognition. After becoming Alex’s property, the leopard now dwells in his apartment. He formerly had a job at the zoo. Out of all the animals, he was most loyal to the strong and beautiful leopard Caser. The animal had health issues as a result of missing a leopard that had been transported to another zoo.

The zoo was therefore forced to close. After that, Alex chose to save Caser. He gave the leopard the most comfortable home. Alex raised him to be highly social and close to him. He never left him alone, and they always stayed nearby. Alex claims that the leopard fundamentally altered his life. He frequently muses about what he needs to do.

Even though they both have colds, Alex and Caser can fully comprehend one another. He doesn’t see himself as the animal’s owner as much as his companion. The man brought the animal since he was interested in seeing what it was like.  He does not recommend anybody else do it because it requires responsibility.

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