A woman takes in a little duckling that she finds. An interesting story.

Cute baby duck Bae’s mother abandoned her before birth, probably impeding her development. Fortunately, when Erwin, a woman, discovered the baby, her condition would get better. Erwin decided to take matters into her own hands and take care of the little feathered one on her own.

After that, Erwin took the adorable baby duck under his wing. She was determined to take whatever necessary action to advance in life.

Now that Bae is older, she prefers to rest her head on Erwin’s neck. It appears to be her favorite spot. Erwin has also provided Bae with a nice diaper to keep her clean because he loves taking care of the duck. Bae has two more friends that live in Erwin’s backyard.

Erwin thinks that as he gets older, he and Bae will become friends and hang around. Bae and Erwin have only recently started their great relationship, and since they share a house with friends, they are certain to have a fantastic experience and happy moments.

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