The men started fishing after hearing a sound coming from the hole.

Once more the two guys went fishing, but this time they saved a dog. Even though it’s unclear what kind of catch they made on that particular day, they surely accomplished something good. As they passed the hole, they could hear the animal’s call.

They initially peered down in astonishment, expecting to see anything, but were unable to do so due to the darkness and limited sight. Removing the dog was virtually difficult.

When the employees realized how severe the situation was, they asked for help. A group of rescuers had already arrived on the scene a short while later.

Fortunately, they had everything they needed, and they immediately got to work trying to save the animal. Luckily, everything went done without a hitch, and the dog began wagging his tail in excitement right away.

The rescuers were relieved that they could save the animal and were even happier that her owners had been found. They decided to plug the hole with a massive stone now that the dog was back at home.

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