A dog without a paw and a little girl born with a disability make the best of friends.

Breeders readily volunteered to put this puppy to death to avoid having the kennel’s reputation tainted by this flaw. But the dog’s owner opposed such an extreme measure. She decided to give the animal a loving home and a chance at happiness instead. If she could locate them, she reasoned that a particular child or a wounded soldier would benefit much from the dog. The mother learns of a little child who was born without legs.

Intentionally concluding that the child was hospitalized was the lady. The lady had also managed to get hold of the girl’s parents. They warmly backed the plan and declared that their daughter and the dog would make a perfect match.

When the mother first showed her daughter a photograph of a dog, the little girl took a while to study the animal before the mother remarked, “When the puppy and the girl met in real life, they became fast friends.”

The dog’s father watched gleefully as his little child began to play with him and threw a toy at him.

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