A shelter dog was awaiting his chosen family, who never showed up.

Every dog aspires to have a loving, permanent home filled with kind people. So when that beautiful day did come, the delighted dog was dressed in a tuxedo. An abandoned dog waited for his owners to return, but they never did.

The family was set to proceed with the adoption. But at the last minute, they changed their minds. Vicente was devastated when the adoption failed.

The staff at the shelter was also dissatisfied. The dressed-up, defeated dog was photographed, and those images were put online. The responses were top-notch. Many individuals sent the little dog emails of sympathy, appreciation, and well wishes. Adoption offers came in large numbers as well.

The shelter workers needed the animals to appear to be in capable and caring hands so that they could feel assured about their future safety and happiness. The dog searched hard and eventually found its ideal home.

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