A different cat eventually adopts the little cat as he approaches the balcony opening and begs to be allowed inside.

A woman began tossing food near her house to entice the cat to a secure location. It was becoming pretty chilly outdoors, and the woman set up a cat trap to save the cat. Soon later, the lady noticed not one, but three little cats munching on the food next to the trap.

One of them was a little, black cat, and when she saw the lady’s house cat through the door, she was intrigued enough to approach her. She went to the front door and rested. The other two missing cats fled right quickly, but the grey cat remained.

There is no doubt that this family was chosen. After a quick greeting via the door with the house cat, the tiny cat was immediately hungry. The woman carried the cat inside, giving it a comfy place to sleep for the evening.

The wonderful and generous woman continued to care for other stray cats in the area while she had the cat examined, fixed, and adopted.

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