Dogs sneak into a dollar shop without their masters’ knowledge to look for toys.

When Gaby visited her fiancé, she brought Jony, her favorite dog. She put him on the grass before going inside to play with her fiance’s dog, Carli. When she came back after only five minutes away, the two dogs went.

Gaby made the inference that the dogs had likely climbed the fence and ran into a nearby field in search of their owners. When someone unexpectedly appeared to assist her, she was in a precarious situation and had no idea how she was going to find them.

Jony and Carli decided to look for dog toys in a different way when they saw that they were going to the neighborhood dollar store.

Gaby entered the vehicle and drove directly to the business. The dogs didn’t display any symptoms of remorse or embarrassment. The only time they felt humiliated was when their mother asked them to leave when they were having a blast.

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