The Owl can’t stop embracing the man who saved her from a terrible situation.


Iggy, a great-horned owl, was taken to the veterinarian at the end of her life. A good man who happened to be there saved her.

The owl was so grateful to her savior Andrew that she couldn’t stop hugging him when he returned home from his vacation. According to the owner, this was the most important bird we had ever cared for.

Andrew is the ideal guy to look for Iggy. Without Andrew, the chances of finding a treatment were limited. His confident smile suggests, “She is familiar with him and has completely trusted him.” “I have never seen somebody have such a connection to these lovely creatures in all my years of working with birds,” they added. Iggy had entire faith in Andrew.

Iggy couldn’t hide her joy when Andrew returned from a vacation to see family. She began to dance but couldn’t get her arms away from him. “Watching him bond with these birds gets me emotional,” they said.

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