The shelter’s oldest dog adores getting birthday presents.

This dog spent most of his life with a loving family, playing with his owners, and going on runs at the neighborhood park.

The dog noticed his departure from fromog shelter when his previous owner could no longer keep his attention on him. Billy is “firey, lively, gentle, free, sensitive, quiet, and he barks like an elderly person,” according to the sanctuary’s owner.

Now that Billy is older and more developed, he needs more sleep than the average young child. He has earned the right to unwind since he finds it enjoyable. Anytime, anywhere—on the kitchen floor, the toilet seat, or the biggest, coziest bed in the corner—he will fall asleep.

The shelter staff rebuilt it for the dog’s birthday celebration to honor the little dog and provide him with the two things he values most in the world—treats and a rest. Each dog feels special since the owner conducts celebrations to mark every imaginable occasion with the animals under their care. Billy will have a lot more birthdays to celebrate because of the people who take care of him.

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