A Bull Terrier provides all the attention a one-eyed rescue cat requires.

Fiona Gill, 25, came across Cherry’s photo on social media. After hearing her story, she was charmed by the one-eyed, hairless cat and decided she wanted to adopt her.

Cherry had to adjust to life without one eye after relocating into Fiona’s house, as well as her new surroundings and family. Alaska, the girl’s tremendously energetic bull terrier dog, was there, which posed an issue. Fiona was worried about how the kitten would get along with her bull terrier, as well as how the huge dog would respond to the newcomer. Fiona was fortunate.


The two canines fell in love right away and couldn’t be separated. Fiona is presently being followed home by people other than those in Juneau. Cherry is now a member of the team as well.

They spend time together when playing, sleeping, and eating. They are always near one another.

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