She becomes close friends with a rescue rabbit after “adopting” a cat.

Nila and Hisoka clicked immediately away. The majority of their time is spent together by the 5-year-old rescued rabbit and the 12-week-old kitten. Hisoka had feline siblings of her own, but she chose to snuggle with her best rabbit companion above her feline brothers.

“We believed that having siblings would be good for Hisoka, and they’d be together, and everything would be nice,” Nila and Hisoka’s mother Alina told The Dodo. Instead, she formed a bond with Nila and preferred the rabbit over her own adopted siblings.

They spent a lot of time cuddling while they weren’t watching TV with Alina. Nila only wanted to cuddle up to her spouse, me, and Hisoka, according to Alina. “We live in Nila’s universe,” she explained. Nila passed away at the beginning of July. Hisoka still sleeps in the bed they shared, preserving the memories of their special love.

Alina stated that they cuddled and shared a bed frequently. He appeared to enjoy her constant kindness. “They made our lives so much happier,” Alina said. As we saw them engage and felt such a profound affinity, our hearts were bursting with joy.



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