She has been reunited with her family after spending four years on the streets.

A lady who promised the dog she would never again feel pain saved and adopted the animal. However, the family lost the pet when they relocated from one state to another.

The dog’s distraught owners spent four years looking for her until they did. When a couple found a stray dog, they decided to take her to a hospital because she was in bad shape. The dog spent four years on the streets before getting arthritis, an ear infection, and skin infection.

To get in touch with the owners, the service employees shared a photo of the dog on their social media profile, and the woman immediately saw it.

I really couldn’t wait any longer,” the lady continues. I couldn’t bear the thought of the puppy waiting for her “mother” alone herself. It turned out to be an emotioerience. As they witnessed the woman and the dog reunite after a lengthy separation, everyone was filled with emotion. She claimed that she had never given up hope that the dog would be found. She spent four years looking for a dog, making calls to rescue organizations, and posting about the pet on social media.

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