This cat’s kittens died shortly after birth, yet she became a mother again in a couple of days.

The owner of this pregnant cat ejected her from her home not long before she gave birth. Instead of dumping the frightened cat, caring individuals gave her food and additional blankets for kittens. When the infants reached the required age, the family was relocated to a nearby shelter.

A philanthropic outfit then assisted the little kittens in finding new homes before removing them. It was decided to sterilize the feline. Regardless, it was located in the vicinity of where she was delivering. The kitty gave birth to four kittens at the end of 2017, but just one survived. The boy fought it for a long time before dying in his mother’s arms four days later.

Surprisingly, the cat gave birth to her fifth child around the same time. When John returned his cat from the vet, he could hear a loud squeak coming from the backseat.

After four days of emptiness, the cat and her new owner were finally able to unwind. After everything they’ve been through, they’ve finally found two new pals and a safe sanctuary.

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