Rescue puppy insists on accompanying dad to the gym each day.

When Karen’s boss saw the stray dog, he made the decision to take her to a no-kill shelter. Later, he admitted to Karen that he was compelled to get the dog. Karen then drove her home. The owners later learned that the dog had many litters of puppies after taking her to the clinic.

The decent man simply left her since he assumed she was likely to give birth to puppies. For the first several months, the dog did nothing but hide and wouldn’t come out until she was praised or told to. But after six months with her new family, the dog grew to respect them. He was the ideal canine.

She was a completely different dog after spending two years with Karen, though. The dog seemed to be enjoying himself a lot. Even though she frequented the gym daily, she wouldn’t allow Karen go there alone.

The amiable Labrador ran over to the gym and greeted everyone. She would then continue to sit and observe her owner and other people working out. Karen was never let out of her sight, she made sure of it.

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