Adorable pregnant cat wanders through the streets of a neighborhood and finds the perfect person to ask for assistance.

After spending a lot of time traveling the streets to better her life and the lives of her young kittens, a lovely kitty is looking for the perfect person to assist her.

Volunteer Jennie received a report about a pregnant female cat in the Bronx. The potential mother was in such a bad state that she needed assistance or rescue. Without any hesitation, Jennie arrived on the scene carrying cat food and a pet carrier.

She promised to help her. She quickly noticed a big-bellied tabby cat coming directly for her after arrival.

The cat came up and ate the entire tin can that she had placed on the ground.

Kitten was so appreciative of Jennie that when she gave him a look at her container and told him it was hers, Kitten openly cuddled up to let her know she was ready to go. The entire time it took to go to the rescue facility, the cute cat named Five was very content.

Someone another stated, “We spared her so that this noble kitty would give birth in a beautiful house with lots of soft blankets, great food, and a box.”

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