After three days wandering in the woods, a serval cat was discovered and brought back to his owners.

The cops discovered a beautiful serval cat that had been abandoned outside for three days. The kind owners of the adorable cat didn’t think the animal had fled because it was scared of their dog. The owner had left the door open for the family dog the day before since he wouldn’t go inside.

The door was then used by the cat to flee.

The owners looked for him in the woods but couldn’t find him, so they called the police. After learning from other neighbors that the wild cat had been observed close by, the worried couple decided to lay a trap for him.

They attempted to raise live, brand-new chicks there but were unsuccessful that day.

After three days, the 4-year-old cat that had gone missing and was stranded close to its owner’s home was located by police. The cat was healthy and happy to be back with his devoted family. A stunning zoo cat was taken home.

After that day, the cat spends the day inside the house, spending alternating amounts of time in the cage and sauntering around the house. The owners are overjoyed to see their beloved and cute cat once more. They are grateful to everyone who helped them, both in the actual world and online.

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