Chunky, the cat was going to be put to sleep before being spared by a kind doctor.

This cat had an odd appearance, opened wide, then rounded out into a ball. She was taken to the veterinarian by her owner, who requested that she be put to sleep because she was terrified of the issues. The vet felt awful about the cat and decided to give it to her grandparents. Despite their affection for cats, they were hesitant to get pets due to their elderly age.

The scoliosis-suffering cat, who walks slowly and can’t leap, was the ideal choice since a lively cat may damage itself in the flat or fall out of an open window due to negligence on the part of the owners.

Additionally, the cat will always be able to receive proper medical treatment thanks to the family of veterinarians. Since the cat is loved and cared for, it is no longer in danger of being put to death.

The cat isn’t very active due to a serious spinal ailment. The vet reports that the grandparents fell in love with the animal, while other people only chuckle when they hear of their obsessive attachment. They added a cat, and it seemed as though their lives were now completely satisfied.

My grandparents and the rest of the family cherish her now that she has survived being nearly executed. I remember this with anxiety.

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