When the dog gets to play with his best friend and next-door neighbor, a little pig, he loses control.

These two, who are best friends, can’t imagine living their lives without one another. They never get bored while they are together. When the dog’s owner invited her neighbor over, the two first met.

She also decided to bring her beloved pet little pig. Since they weren’t sure if the dog and the pig would get along, they chose to let them connect first via the glass door.

But it was obvious from a distance that the neighbors got along. The pig’s owner says that the animal grunts vociferously at the entrance to welcome the dog and anticipates his arrival.

He joyfully bounces on all four legs at the same time when he spots the pig.

Despite being complete opposites, they have similar interests. They don’t mind napping on the couch for an hour or two if they are allowed into the house. The dog and the pig organize exciting races on the green grass in the summer. He felt better physically and mentally because of the dog’s relationship with the pig.

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