A cat that has been rescued makes a friend and insists on living with them.

On the chilly streets, a mother cat found her abandoned kitten. She was sent right away to a shelter for animals where she could live independently. Although the shelter had managed to stabilize her health, she still needed specialized treatment. They made contact with a shelter and requested assistance. Even after she arrived with us, we kept her warm. She had her eyes closed. The rescue team was moved by the tiny cat’s situation and determined to get him back on track right away.

Maria, a volunteer foster carer at the rescue facility, began giving the cat regular bottle feedings at her house.

The adorable kitten quickly reached for the bottle and grinned at being raised by her owner.

She consumed food to satisfy her hunger and asked for her bottle every hour. She was constantly putting on weight. Loui the kitten was happy in her foster home, but she longed for a playmate and a buddy.

Every time she came across the other cats in her foster home, Cute Loui tried to sneak up on them and prowl around them to catch their attention.

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