A dog who enjoys riding motorcycles has gained the love of millions of people.

Liko, a little puppy whose bravery and love of sports inspired 41-year-old Kim, was given to him two years ago. Liko rushed into Kim’s car as soon as she spotted it and requested a ride.

A pair of bikers now frequently travel together, dazzling everyone they see. Liko wears a bandana, goggles, and a leather jacket like every other motorcyclist. “I turned one of my own into a jacket for Liko.” However, she will soon receive a leather jacket that was designed just for her. She has a dog backpack and occasionally wears black. Kim states.

Kim plans to visit Europe soon with his beloved pet before traveling further to discover as many of the world’s natural wonders as he can. Liko the charming went throughout England with her owner.

“Liko is a relaxing and affectionate dog, and she always attracts people.” Many people support her. Naturally, she is well known in the neighborhood and has been for a long time”.

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