A woman takes in one stray cat while also claiming eight other cats as her own.

One morning, Sarah noticed a white cat in need of assistance as she stepped out onto the porch. She already had two adult kittens with her while she was pregnant. But when she was let inside, she took temporary control of eight different species at once.

Five of them had not yet left the womb. The cat I called Ela initially delivered her kittens to my doorstep around two months ago. They appear to be around a month old. Sara ponders. After feeding the mother cat and her kittens, Sara called the veterinarian, who then brought them in for a checkup. A healthy cat family then made their way back to their makeshift abode.

Ela eventually gave birth to five healthy kittens while Sara was caring for her, and she later moved to another foster home with them. The mother cat instantly felt at ease in the new house and with visitors.

While Ela’s two older kittens were “adopted” by new owners and transferred there, her younger kittens are still with their mother but will soon be adopted by other owners.

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