This abandoned dog is now refusing food and drink until the owner returns home after finally finding a home.

Nadia and our dog pals have always shared a close relationship. She never showed disregard for animals in need, even stray cats and dogs. Then, one day, when she was rewiring the vehicle, she spotted a dog skulking nearby.

She couldn’t go by since she wanted to help the dog. Not everyone can treat an animal with the same kindness as this woman did when she took it home. Daya, the dog’s name she gave it, is incredibly gorgeous in her owner’s eyes despite all of her defects. Daya is incredibly devoted and kind-hearted.

Every day as the mother leaves for work, she sits on the ledge and waits for her return; the food and drink are never touched. She must be concerned about being left behind once more.

Daya likes Nadia since she provided her a home, care, and love in exchange for saving her. We will also honor this lovely woman, whose tremendous heart and kindness ought to serve as a role model for many.

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