The friendly cat enjoys interacting with people and is intent on petting every delivery person she encounters.

This cat enjoys taking strolls and being the focus of attention. The four-legged friend thought of a wonderful way to talk to her and give her more affection. In her town, the delivery men have already fallen for the cat. After all, everyone who delivers mail or packages to the owners must play with her.

When COVID-19 started, we moved to handling everything remotely, so we started ordering a lot of goods to be delivered to our house, including prepared food, groceries, and other items.

“Our job at home disrupted her sleep schedule, so she started going out during the day more frequently,” the owner claimed. Owners can follow her when she wanders outdoors into the yard thanks to the GPS collar and cameras. Thus, they discovered that the cat was attempting to “connect” with the delivery man.

Even if the person is not interested in her, she still receives the attention she desires. The delivery staff already loves petting the cat because they find it relaxing. She never fails to make the entire family laugh, including the delivery crew. The owner said that people like to visit us and get to know the cat.

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