Following every woman, he encountered a lost dog looked for his owner.

This dog became lost and walked the streets for four months. He chased after each of the women, hoping to see his beloved owner among them. The neighbors fed him and told the rescuers about her, but when they tried to touch her, she ran away. Some of the team’s volunteers were still successful in locating the owner four months later.

They were able to track down the registered owner using the ID number hidden in the dog’s ear. After a protracted period of futile searching for her cherished pet, the owner was relieved to finally locate the dog.

After searching for four months, he finally located the woman he was looking for. The dog was reunited with his devoted owner after being lost.

But there are many instances where animals are knowingly abandoned, and either people do not understand or do not believe it, or the animals live on in people’s hearts even after they pass away. Undoubtedly a heartfelt story.

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