The dog was left outside in the snow. Her happiness at being saved, though, was unsurpassed.

The family left their cat fastened to a big tree in one of the abandoned homes. He didn’t even think about leaving any snacks or drinks. To their good fortune, neighboring kind neighbors heard the dog’s call and came over to assist.

Beautiful and dedicated Fancy formerly had a house and owners all to itself. To keep warm, his neighbors offered him a box filled with straw. The dog was expecting someone to bring him food and water, but nobody ever did.

The temperature outside grew colder as neighbors noticed that he was no longer being fed and that no one was visiting or checking over it in the same manner as before. In addition, there was snow on the yard and the disappearance.

As others gathered to save him, seemingly of their own free will, he was overcome with joy. Everyone could see that there was no human reason to part with him because he leaped, wagged his tail, and was so ecstatic.

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