The most photogenic cat in the world, Nyankiichi, has won people’s hearts all around the world.

Japan is the home of Nyankiichi, a cat with dark stripes. This short-tailed cat doesn’t appear to have a single unfavorable Instagram photo, making him appear to be designed for the platform. He appears to have undergone meticulous organizing and Photoshop “correction” on each image of him standing, sitting, or moving.

Even so, it’s not. Nyankiichi has been acting like a catwalk model ever since he was a kitten. The owner of Nyankiichi would rather travel across his country than stay at home all day. He often follows his cat about and snaps photos of him against the backdrop of nearby sites at this time. The background for this picture of Nyankiichi is a volcano.

Observe him as well, perched on a tree, enjoying the spring. He appears to be the primary attraction of this place as he approaches the actual coast’s edge. There is nothing to say about well-known Nyankiichi pictures with lush mountains or blooming fields in the background.

Even a photo of Nyankiichi swimming in the sea looks encouraging. Nyankiichi’s exquisite photography has drawn in over 66 thousand Instagram followers and over 124 thousand Facebook fans.

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