The pilot spends his entire life flying adopted animals to new homes.

This man spent 41 years flying into the armed forces. He continues to spend his life saving stray animals after retiring. He quickly transports animals rescued from the streets or heartless owners to their new homes across several cities and states using a two-seat plane.

Dave has moved more than 365 dogs in the years since he began working with animals in 2013. The pilot typically receives his passengers from the NPO for whom he works. Most of the time, Dave transports the animals between airports before handing them off to other pilots. He usually does things in this manner.

He does, however, occasionally give the animals to new owners. And he finds the most fulfillment in this specific area of his career. I hand them over to their families and provide my best wishes for a successful future.

The pilot said, “I hope these people will always respect you. Many of them are incredibly appreciative and give him praise when he brings their new pets home. He never says no to gifts out of respect. He donates to nonprofits so they can pay for medical costs.

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