This one-of-a-kind cat has a new best friend who, after seizing yet another chance, won’t stop cuddling.

When Willy the cat was 6 weeks old, he was found on the side of the road and sent to a nearby shelter. There, a student girl who was thinking about becoming a vet saw him and was impressed by him.

Willy was discovered to be in bad shape. But the real problem was his face. It was born with a birth defect. Willy came across many different creatures at the student’s home, which the girl had also stolen from animal sanctuaries. Corra, a pit bull, was one of them.

Willy rapidly developed some delicate sentiments for the dog as well. Corra began caring for the kitten as well. Although Corra has always been nice to many other animals, the young woman asserted that her relationship with Willy is particularly complicated.

After seeing how the dog and the cat became friends, the lady resolved she would never again leave Willy in the care of unreliable individuals. She decided to keep him. Willy and Corra remain friends. He gets along well with the other cats and dogs that the young women who rescue animals bring home.

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