The story essentially becomes a fairy tale after a Golden Retriever falls in love with the dog next door.

When cautious golden retriever Lily and her neighbor Spencer first met, a relationship started to blossom immediately away. In March, Lily and her mother Amber moved into a new home.

One of the first to welcome the guests was Spencer. The two dogs got along despite Amber’s yard being across from his by a wooden fence. Lily was overjoyed to meet another dog every day because we had never lived close to other dogs before, Amber admitted.

Spencer made advances on Lily, but her parents simply assumed it was the beginning of a new romance. Amber recalled that Lily would frequently come up to him and give him a few embraces. Amber said that when we let her out, the main thing she does is leap up to the fence to see whether Spencer is outside.

She will wait by the gate if Spencer is not outdoors. Spencer was similarly drawn to Lily, and he even came up with a plan to win her over. Thankfully, Lily’s parents don’t object when her lover frequently drops by.

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