It’s remarkable how this soldier invited his service dog to his wedding in this amazing story.

The soldier felt obliged to incorporate his magnificent service dog in unusual ways on his wedding day.

While Martin was recovering in the hospital, he was given an opportunity of a lifetime. An organization that supports charities matches service dogs with military members. Gaby and Martin were put together. I need his help with simple tasks more and more as I use my wheelchair less, Martin commented.

It was reassuring to know that. He made himself known as a valuable friend and comforter very fast. A service dog needs to learn how to love the person they are matched with for the rest of their lives and how to always be happy.

Martin walked into the room as Gaby was pacing the floor fiercely when they first met. Gaby decided to go to Martin and his significant other’s wedding since she felt it was proper. While some individuals use their canine companions as ring carriers or simply as guests, Martin insisted that his beloved dog be present on his big day and granted him the title of best man.

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