That the kitten they spared and raised with the dog now believes it is a dog since they saved it, is just too cute.

A man adopted a small cat that he had previously saved. Knowing that his family of dogs would love to have the kitten, the man brought him home. However, rather than just accepting him, the dogs played with him as if he were one of them.

Lotus the cat is currently an official pack member. Together, they have a lot of fun while playing respectfully with one another.

As if that weren’t enough, Lotus also takes his family for walks. The man took the cat home after discovering him in a little street drain.

We saw that the small cat had a keen interest in our dog from the minute he arrived at our house.

The dog wasn’t sure how to treat the kitten at first, but with time he learned that the cat was a comrade. He looked after the cat. We almost have Lotus join us on our daily stroll.

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